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Where Can I Get A Chlamydia Test

Visit a service

Chlamydia testing in Sefton is available in a number of settings for all age groups. For people aged between 15-24 years of age, it is available from any of the Isis clinics, nurse outreach drop-ins (FE colleges and youth settings) and when under 19s sign up for the C Card Plus scheme (free condoms). The test will also be available in December 2009 from your GP and local community pharmacist. If you are over 25 years or older, you can still be tested at any Isis clinic, or visit your local GU Dept in a local hospital. Southport & Ormskirk or Liverpool

All clinic times and locations can be found on the Isis website www.isis.sefton.nhs.uk or for under 18s Sexwise on 0800 28 29 30 sex and young people and for 18+ Condom Essential Wear 00800 567 123 800 sex worth talking about

Postal kits

Alternatively, if there are no services in your area, or you have difficulty getting to an Isis clinic, you can order a Chlamydia test online now by filling out the form on this website. A kit will then be posted out to you within the next 14 days. Kits are easy to use and contain simple instructions. Please remember that the postal kits are only available for people aged between 16-24 years of age.

Request a Chlamydia testing kit

This test is for people aged between 16-24 years of age who have no symptoms and who live in Sefton. If you have symptoms please contact your local Isis or Genito Urinary (GU) clinic.

Please enter your details on the Send my free kit now button on our homepage so that we may post a kit out to you. We will keep your details confidential. If you have any problems please email us at letsgetscreened@sefton.nhs.uk 

YOU MAY ONLY REQUEST A TEST FOR YOURSELF others must request their own kit.